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Tuesday, November 21, 2017
Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors
The Amigas del Señor Methodist Monastery in Honduras joined the Oak Grove UMC family in 2012, after nearby Sellwood UMC closed and asked OGUMC to help with a mission project they had been sponsoring. Since then OGUMC has provided web space to help publicize the monastery.

Founded in 2006  ~  now in our 12th year 
NEW BOOK AVAILABLE Giving Up Something Good for Something Better — five years in the development of Amigas del Señor Monastery, told in the unique voices of Sisters Alegría and Confianza. Click here for more information!
Amigas del Señor
Monasterio Metodista
Limón, Colón, Honduras
Seeking God first. Gratitude.
Voluntary poverty. Care of Creation.
Simplicity. Loving one another. 
Communal living. Prayer without ceasing.
Amigas del Señor (Women Friends of the Lord) is a community of women dedicated to prayer and care of the Creation. Founded in 2006, the religious Order is rooted in Methodist, Quaker, and Western monastic traditions. We are nuns living poor among the poor with a regular schedule of worship and physical work. Our contemplative lifestyle is facilitated by the Monastery's location in the foothills on the North Coast of Honduras. Besides our ministry of prayer, the Sisters also engage in outward ministries, including volunteering at the local public health clinic and sharing The Upper Room devotional booklet on buses.
Click here to read more about how we live.
The two permanent residents are from Oregon and are members of United Methodist churches: Sister Confianza (aka Prairie Cutting, pictured above left), a member of Hermiston First UMC; and Sister Alegría (aka Dr. Beth Blodgett, pictured above right), a member of Oak Grove UMC. Amigas del Señor Monastery spiritually shares in a Covenant of caring with Multnomah Friends Meeting (Quaker) of Portland, Oregon.  
Experience life with us
Spending time at the monastery would be beneficial to any woman seeking to live a life centered on God.
Read more here about our 7-week Spiritual Formation Program and 12-month sojourns.
How to learn more about Amigas del Señor
• Visit the Amigas del Señor Yahoo Group, where every few weeks the sisters post stories from their life. Anyone who wishes to may join their Yahoo Group, and if desired may follow the sisters' activities by electing to automatically receive via email any new information as soon as it's posted.

• Visit our Amigas in the Media page where you can listen to an audio interview, read articles by and about the sisters, and get the Amigas book.
How to donate to Amigas del Señor
The First United Methodist Church in Hermiston, Oregon, accepts donations for the Monastery. To donate, make your check payable to "HFUMC", with "Amigas" in the memo line, and send it to:
   191 E Gladys Ave
   Hermiston OR 97838
The church has a locked mailbox, so mailed checks are safe.
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Right: Painting "Sisters in Christ" by Donna Metcalf, 2015