Oak Grove United Methodist Church
Tuesday, November 21, 2017
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Our Heritage Tree
On May 3, 2011, we received a plaque and certificate from the Clackamas County Board of Commissioners identifying the Oregon White Oak (Quercus garryana) on our property as a Heritage Tree.
The Clackamas County Heritage Tree Program dedicates and acknowledges unique trees in our County. In 2011 ten trees were recognized, two of which are located in the Oak Grove area. That brought the total number of recognized Heritage Trees (or tree stands) in the County to more than 328 over the four years (at that time) that the program had been in place.

The Heritage Tree Program encourages County residents and property owners to identify and protect individual trees or groups of trees that meet one or more of the following qualifications: 

  • Specimen: A tree of exceptional size, form or rarity, or horticultural value
  • Historic: A tree of exceptional age, and/or associated with or contribution to an historic structure or district or with a noted person or historic event
  • Landmark: A tree that is a prominent identifying feature of a community
  • Collection: A group of trees in a notable grove, avenue or other planting
From the May 2011 Tower Signal:
Have you noticed the large, beautiful oak tree that graces the backyard of the church? It is a special tree, and on May 3rd it will be honored by Clackamas County as an official "Heritage Tree".
It is noteworthy for a number of reasons: It is an Oregon White Oak, a species unique to the Pacific Northwest. it is also one of the largest of its type, and part of the reason this area is called "Oak Grove". It measures 100 feet tall, 75 feet wide, and over 12 feet in circumference and is approximately 150-160 years old. That means it either was a sapling when the area was first settled, or perhaps was planted by Susan Creighton, the homesteader of what is now the church property.
We can only imagine how many church picnics, revivals and Sunday school classes were held beneath its branches. We have a living treasure in our United Methodist Oak!