Oak Grove United Methodist Church
Friday, April 28, 2017
Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors

Our Rose Window

    rose window: a circular window filled with tracery
With its doves representing the Holy Spirit descending upon the earth,
the Lamb of God representing the suffering Christ who carries the flag of victory,
and the circles of eternity,
our Rose Window reminds us that civilizations may rise and fall,
but Jesus Christ goes on forever.

Thanks to our Trustees and several other volunteers, in the spring of 2013 new protective clear Lexan covers were installed outside all of the tall stained glass windows along the sides of our sanctuary, replacing the original plastic covers that were about 45 years old and had deteriorated. The new covers should last many years and protect our beautiful windows from both weather and vandalism. Some hinges and putty were also applied where needed, and the windows were cleaned. The result: new light!
Suggested meanings of the symbols:
The circle of eternity is represented by the outside ring.
The firmament is a scallopped ring inside the outer ring. Between the scallops are triangles, the symbol for the trinity.
The background symbol is the Star of David, outlined in turquoise blue. In each tip of the star there is a stylized flower, or fleur de lis.
Seven doves descend from eternity at each tip of the Star of David, about to enter it, except for the bottom tip that points to a small orange cross superimposed upon the globe of the world.
Moving into and through all of the ancient symbols is a contemporary symbol of the atom. Everything taking place in this window is at the heart of all matter/energy of the universe.
At the center of the window, upon which everything is focused, is the Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world.