Oak Grove United Methodist Church
Friday, April 28, 2017
Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors
within OGUMC or reaching out,
by donating time and/or money
Last updated 11/18/15

DONATE TO UMCOR ... The United Methodist Committee on Relief is known for consistently being among the first agencies to show up to provide aid at disaster sites. If you would like to make a donation toward emergency relief efforts anywhere in the world, including in the U.S., please consider donating to UMCOR! To make a tax-deductible donation you can visit the UMCOR website, or you may write a check to Oak Grove UMC (putting UMCOR on the memo line) and we'll forward your donation. If you want your donation to go to a specific disaster relief effort, you can visit the UMCOR website to look through the list of "current emergencies" and include the relevant Advance number on your check. UMCOR's "cost of doing business" is underwritten by the "One Great Hour of Sharing" special offering each spring, so 100% of every gift that's made to a specific UMCOR project ("Advance") is spent on that project; none of it goes toward home office administration.
DONATE TO "IMAGINE NO MALARIA" ... a campaign of the United Methodist Church with the goal of raising $75 million to try to eliminate this devastating disease, from which our own Pastor Jim once suffered. Malaria kills a child in Africa every 45 seconds...but it doesn't have to! Additional information is available in the church office, or click here to visit the "Imagine No Malaria" website.
OUR "FRIENDLY VISITORS" ... is a team of church members, organized by our Nurturing Committee, who visit those in our midst who are homebound or ill. Each "Friendly Visitor" spends just a few hours per month visiting those who cannot get out, to bring them news, comfort and Christian love. Team members meet on a regular basis for training and sharing, and agree to make visits to our special care recipients. Pastor Jim is the team leader and head trainer and offers insight, support and assistance as the team grows together in reaching out to those who are alone or lonely. If you're interested in joining the team, call the church office, let Pastor Jim know, or speak with a member of the Nurturing Committee. Visiting people is one of the most rewarding ministries of the church — please consider being a part of it! 
"OUTSIDE IN" MEALS MINISTRY ... Could you help with OGUMC's ongoing ministry that supplies a meal each month to Outside In, an organization in downtown Portland that provides meals and other services to homeless youth and helps them to become productive citizens? Their program has been extremely successful, and for many years OGUMC has helped by providing a complete meal each month for 50 youths, usually on the 4th Wednesday of each month. You don't need to be able to cook or bake to help; for example, perhaps you could donate some ingredients for a meal. For more information, click here. If you have a group that would like to take a month as a mission project, or if you would be willing to team up with other individuals to help provide a meal, contact Gloria Payne or the church office.
OUR FABULOUS QUILTERS ... are always in need of cotton scraps (no polyester, please) to help them continue their valuable work. Donations of money (with "Quilting" marked on your check payable to OGUMC) are greatly appreciated because they can be used by the group to buy batting or whatever other materials they need at any given time. And the group could always use extra hands! Our quilters have made over 150 quilts so far, most of which they've generously donated to United Methodist camps and as gifts for baptisms and other special occasions at our church. (Occasionally they sell a few to help fund purchasing more supplies.) They're happy to teach quilting to anyone who would like to learn! Click here to read more about our quilters.
OUR WOMEN'S CLOTHES CLOSET ... disburses clothes to young girls and women who are in need of clothing due to abuse, lack of funds, etc. Street clothes (sizes 6 to 2XL), shoes, purses and coats are available, free of charge, to anyone in need. "If it fits and you need it, please feel free to take it." Our clothes closet is open whenever the church office is open (see Office Hours). This service has benefitted many girls and women and we welcome donations to help us continue it. If you have clothing items (clean and in good repair) that you no longer need, please consider donating them to our clothes closet where they'll be passed along to someone who will be grateful to have them. If you have questions about our Clothes Closet, contact Jean Fairbairn.
FOOD BARREL ... During difficult financial times there's an increased need for food assistance. Please place non-perishable food items in our food barrel in the hallway. If instead you wish to donate money for food, you may make your check payable to OGUMC, indicate that it's for food, and place it in an offering plate or leave it at the church office. If each person would bring just one can of food every Sunday for our food barrel, there would be so much food that we would need to take them to the Clackamas Service Center EVERY MONTH!

HAVE YOU EVER WONDERED how our parking lot gets cleared of leaves and debris? Or how the grounds get weeded and mowed? The pews are neat and stocked every Sunday — who does that? How does our website stay fresh and updated? Who gets the newsletter ready for mailing every month? Who keeps track of the finances? How about the wonderful seasonal programs we enjoy every year? Who organizes and oversees the remodeling projects? These and hundreds of other tasks are done by OUR VOLUNTEERS. I never realized how much volunteer power it takes to keep a church going. I do now as I see it every day. Many hours are spent by Finance, Trustee, Church Council and other committee members each month. They do it with a smile (most of the time!) and dedication to this church. Thank you to everyone who makes Oak Grove United Methodist such a special place. Pastor Jim and I could not do our jobs as effectively without you. Let’s hear it for our volunteers! Sincerely, Candy Ouellette (OGUMC Administrative Assistant)