Oak Grove United Methodist Church
Tuesday, November 21, 2017
Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors
We care about all people. We support many ministries that are in mission to the community, the country, and the world. We strive to make the world a better place through our service and support. Below are just a few of the ways in which Oak Grove UMC reaches out to our community and beyond.
WE FEED THE HUNGRY in several ongoing ways. We collect food in a barrel (located near our women's restroom) on an year-round basis. It's donated to the Clackamas Service Center and/or the North Clackamas School District's Wichita Center for Family & Community, to be distributed to needy local families. We also forward any cash donations we receive for those organizations. (Please make checks payable to OGUMC, indicate Wichita Center or Clackamas Service Center in the memo line, and leave your donation in the office or drop into a collection plate on Sunday.) During Advent we’ve often more proactively solicited donations of money, nonperishable food, clothing and/or personal hygiene items, and we've often donated our entire Christmas Eve offering to the Clackamas Service Center.
HELPING YOUTH IN LIBERIA  In September 2011 we began supporting, with our prayers and dollars, several related programs benefitting children and youth in Liberia who have been victimized by many years of civil war and poverty there. In 2017 we stopped supporting them as an organized churchwide effort, but individuals who may still wish to help them are welcome to donate to them through The Advance (Advance #3020790, The Brighter Future Children Rescue Center)

OUR WOMEN'S CLOTHES CLOSET disburses clothes to girls and women who are in need of clothing due to abuse, lack of funds, etc. Street clothes (sizes 6 to 2XL), shoes, purses and coats are available, free of charge, to anyone in need. "If it fits and you need it, please feel free to take it." Access to our clothes closet is available whenever the church office is open. This service has benefitted many girls and women and we welcome donations to help us continue it. If you have clothing items (clean and in good repair, please!) that you no longer need, please consider donating them to our clothes closet, to be passed along to someone who will be grateful to have them. If you have questions about our Clothes Closet, contact Jean Fairbairn or the church office.


AMIGAS DEL SEÑOR MONASTERIO METODISTA  When nearby Sellwood UMC closed in 2012, we agreed to assist with a mission project they'd been sponsoring. Since then, we've provided website space to publicize the activities of Amigas del Señor (Women Friends of the Lord), a Methodist monastery for women that's located near a small village in Honduras. The principal mission workers, pictured at right, are both from Oregon: Sister Confianza (aka Prairie Naoma Cutting, on the left); and Sister Alegría (aka Dr. Beth Blodgett), a pediatrician. To read more about the Sisters and their mission, see our Amigas del Senor page.
SCHOOL SUPPLIES DRIVE ... Each summer we ask our members to donate supplies for children in need (e.g., low-income and foster children) who otherwise wouldn't have what they need to go back to school. 
GIVING TREE   During Advent we usually partner with a local service agency to provide toys, socks, underwear, or other requested items to needy children and/or adults in our county. Our church members have routinely taken all 60+ tags from our Giving Tree and generously donated all of the requested items ... and usually quite a few more! 

UMCOR HEALTH KITS  In January 2011 our WINGS (Women in God's Service) group embarked upon a new ministry when they assembled 64 Health Kits to donate to the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) to be disbursed to victims of natural disasters in the U.S. and beyond. Each kit contains a hand towel, washcloth, comb, fingernail clippers, soap, bandaids and a toothbrush, all sealed in a one-gallon plastic bag. WINGS soon expanded their efforts by soliciting donations from the rest of our congregation, buying the needed items in bulk to make the donated funds stretch as far as possible, and inviting everyone to help assemble the kits. We've continued to assemble them annually, usually on UMCOR Sunday in March, gradually increasing the number of kits assembled. Most recently we assembled 180 kits in March 2017, and thanks to donations received from our members and constituents we expect to be able to assemble 300 kits on March 11, 2018!