Oak Grove United Methodist Church
Friday, April 28, 2017
Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors
Oak Grove UMC's Theater Arts Group
Our theater arts program features our "Puppet Brigade". We have a wonderful collection of puppets and during the past few years we've used them in some of our worship services and special productions. We want to expand our use of them, within our church and as a tool to reach out into our community, by further developing our puppet ministry.
We hope that many youth will want to get involved, but adults are also welcome (and needed, especially for some behind-the-scenes jobs). We're always looking for a few more people who want to expand, to be bigger than life for a while. Here's your chance to sing or dance ... to crow or moo and act like you really mean it ... to speak and/or act like somebody else for a while! We can always use more puppeteers, also stage hands, set designers, costume designers, assistant directors, writers and promoters. Participants don't need to be members of Oak Grove UMC.
If you would like to explore the possibility of getting involved, contact Ray Dorfi at church on Sundays or at 503-342-6162 or landrdorfi@gmail.com).