Oak Grove United Methodist Church
Friday, April 28, 2017
Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors
OUR YEAR-ROUND FOOD BARREL  At Oak Grove UMC we collect food in a barrel (located near the women's restroom) on an ongoing basis — hundreds of pounds of food each year that we take to the Clackamas Service Center and/or the North Clackamas School District's Wichita Center for Family & Community, to be distributed to needy local families. We also forward any cash donations anyone wishes to make, which enable the center to take advantage of bulk purchasing opportunities. (Please make checks payable to OGUMC, indicate "food" in the memo line, and leave in the office or drop into a collection plate on Sunday.) Think of how much good we could do if we could all get into the habit of routinely dropping one or more food items into our food barrel each time we come to church! 
ADVENT FOOD DRIVES  During Advent in recent years we've asked the members of our church to consider how much God had blessed them and how much of their "bounty" they could afford to share with neighbors in need, with adults and children here in our own county who don't have enough to eat. We've solicited donations of money, nonperishable food, clothing and personal hygiene items. The resulting thousands of dollars plus thousands of pounds of food and other items have been donated to the Clackamas Service Center and/or the North Clackamas School District's Wichita Center for Family & Community.